History Of NPS

The origin of modern Prisons Service in Nigeria is 1861. That was the year when conceptually, Western-type prison was established in Nigeria. The declaration of Lagos as a colony in 1861 marked the beginning of the institution of formal machinery of governance.

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Roll Of Honours

From its inception to date, the Nigerian Prisons Service has had 20 heads. The first seven Directors of Prisons (as the office was then termed) had British nationality.

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Our intention is to establish a credible Prisons Service which through excellent penal practice seek lasting change in offender’s attitudes, values and behaviour and ensure successful reintegration into the society.

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Nigerian Prison Today

The abolition of Native Authority prisons in 1968 and the subsequent unification of the Prisons Service in Nigeria therefore marked the beginning of Nigerian Prisons Service as a composite reality.

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At the apex of the NPS sits the Controller-General of the Nigerian Prisons Service. He is the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for the formulations and implementation of penal policies in Nigeria. He is responsible to the President through the Minister of Interior and the Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration and Prisons Services Board which the Minister heads. But in matters of prison policy he takes direct responsibility for policy implementation.
He is assisted by six (6) Deputy Controllers-General (DCGs) who head the six broad administrative divisions called Directorates into which the Service is broken for efficient management.
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